Here are some commonly asked questions about hail damage.

What does hail do to my roof?  

Asphalt shingles are designed with protective mineral granules that block the UVs of the sun and protect the underlayment. Hail damage can cause severe granule loss, material removal at the edges of the shingles and penetration of the shingles; all of which prematurely age the life of the roofing structure.

Hailstorm - Grandine


Can I tell if I have hail storm damage to my roof, from the ground?

Usually you can’t spot hail storm damage to your roof from the ground.  You will be able to easily spot damage to your siding or gutters; and it’s safe to assume that if there’s visible damage to your car, windows, siding or gutters, your roof most likely has hail storm damage too.  Since hail damage is not always immediately evident, it’s a good idea to contact a local, professional roofing contractor in Colorado, who specializes in roof hail damage to evaluate the extent of damage after a storm.


What about hail damage other than my roof?

Usually when hail damage occurs, it affects more than just your roof.  There’s often painting, gutter, and window damage too. As general contractors, we are able to work with you to take care of your entire claim, which saves you the time and hassle of hiring and managing a bunch of different contractors.

If I think I have hail damage what should I do?

You should immediately call Colorado Superior Roofing, or another reputable roofing company who specializes in hail storm damage, to come inspect your roof.  You should also call your insurance company and ask for an adjuster to perform that same inspection. Colorado Superior Roofing will help you document the hail storm damage and we’ll work directly with your insurance company to see that the hail damaged areas are repaired or that your roof is replaced, if needed.

Will I need to get my roof replaced right away?

Not necessarily. A new roof may not be required, depending on the hail storm damage. You might only need a roof repair to replace some of the damaged shingles. Even if you don’t need a complete roof replacement, this is a roofing repair job that should be left to the professionals.  Replacing a single shingle should be done with the utmost care so the surrounding shingles are not compromised.

If you do need a roof replacement, however, many insurance companies require you to make the claim within a limited amount of time.  So if you’ve experienced a loss due to hail damage, it’s best to seek the help of a local, reputable Colorado roofing company, to take care of the problem in a timely manner both for insurance reasons and to be sure it does not lead to other associated problems.Hagelschaden

Why would my insurance company replace my entire roof?

The purpose of homeowners insurance is to protect the homeowners against losses due to damage that is beyond their control. In most cases, hail damage will result in a full roof replacement because the insurance providers know that a new roof is more cost effective than replacing all of the valuable contents inside the home after the hail damage caused the roof to eventually fail.

Will my home insurance rate go up if I file a hail damage claim?

Typically, insurance companies cannot single out a homeowner for a rate increase based on an “Act of God” storm damage claim. However, your insurance company can raise rates for everyone in your area. So, if you don’t file a claim, your increase in premium will pay for everyone else’s repairs, except for yours.

If you had hail in your neighborhood, CALL US! We want to be present when the adjuster comes out to do his/her inspection. It is your legal right to have a professional represent you during the inspection. Do not rely on only your adjuster’s inspection. The adjuster works for and is paid by the insurance company. You need a professional working for you to make sure that ALL damage is adequately addressed and paid under the claim.

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