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Green Roofing

Green roofs are a great idea for any building, but when it comes to commercial buildings, they make even more sense, mostly because commercial roofs are typically flat or low-sloped and can be easily transformed into green oasis serving different purposes. Installing a green roof is not so complicated and involves a high-quality waterproofing and root-repellent layer, a growing medium and, of course, vegetation.

The concept of green roofing is not a novelty, considering that hundreds of years ago many cabins and cottages used to be built with sod roofs that were able to provide thermal comfort during every season.

Nowadays, due to technological advancements in the roofing industry, green roofs have become much more than sod roofs. They can be modular or intensive systems as well as traditional or extensive systems, each ones with their pros and cons.

Regardless their type, green roofs bring many benefits for a commercial building and for the environment in general: better energy-efficiency, easy and very efficient rainwater management, minimizing the heat island effect noticeable especially in agglomerated cities, reducing the distribution of dust and other particles throughout the city and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Green roofs increase green space in urban environments and may serve different functions, including: community gardens, recreational spaces and even educational spaces.  For this type of roof and other environmentally safe roofing look to Longmont Colorado Roofing Company:

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