EPDM expert flat roof waterproofing commercial roofing

The EPDM membrane waterproofing systems offered by Littleton roofing experts that are specific for flat roofs. They are incredibly safe and easy to install. No open flame is required, considering that EPDM membranes can be welded with hot air.

Thanks to being manufactured in large batches, seamless EPDM waterproofing can be installed on an area of up to 1500 sqm, but this procedure requires an execution project, survey, details etc. It can also be customized for each roof.

This roofing option is installed using a method based hot glue technology, so there are no adhesives or other auxiliary agents, and there are fewer joints, which greatly reduces the installation risks.

The EPDM membrane strips can be welded together homogeneously. Using high pressure and precise temperatures, roofing specialists are able to obtain a 100% safe welding, which ensures durability to this waterproofing solution. EPDM roof membranes can be adapted to any specification, which makes them incredibly versatile and leads to a quick on-site installation.

Not every Littleton roofer is able to handle EPDM roof installation. For best results, you will need a reputable commercial roofing company, with extensive experience in dealing with EPDM membrane waterproofing systems.

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