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At Colorado Superior Roofing (CSR), we have a long-standing reputation for quality and reliability in the Colorado roofing industry. With over 20 years of service, our experience crosses many industries and roofing types with an exceptional track record of performance. CSR excels at installing new roofs, repairing complex roof systems, and applying waterproofing to existing roofs. We have an A+ rating with the BBB, and we’re proud members of Team Dave Logan. We also offer industry-leading warranties on residential and commercial roof replacements and coating jobs and have completed over $25M in roofing projects in the last four years. 


  • Over 20 Years’ Experience in All Roofing Types 
  • Over 1,000 Commercial Roof Projects in The Last 20+ Years 
  • Complete Exteriors Company (Roofing, Gutters, Siding, Painting, & Windows) 
  • Insurance Claims Experts with Former Adjusters on Staff 
  • A+ BBB Rating 
  • Team Dave Logan Preferred Contractor 
  • Industry Leading Warranties 
  • 5 Star Rated by Home Services Review – One of only 5 roofers in Colorado 
  • Ventilation experts with industry certifications 
  • No Reported Safety Claims for Over 10 Years 
  • Free Inspections & Estimates 
  • Members of AAMD, CAI, and CRA 
  • Locally Owned and Operated Since 2002  



Asphalt Shingle Roof

Highlands Ranch Mansion

The Highlands Ranch Mansion job was a 16,500 square foot project that took two weeks to complete. This insurance claim project consisted of a steep multi-story roof that was replaced with 50-year Presidential shake shingles as well as small EPDM flat roof sections. During this job, we removed the rotted OSB decking around the eaves installed new synthetic felt and D-style drip edge, ice and water shield, and W channel valley metal. We also installed slant-back static ventilation to decrease attic temperatures.

TPO Roofing

Platte Valley Middle School

Platte Valley Middle School was a five-week TPO roof project. This 76,500 square foot job involved the installation of 2” insulation-ISO board, glass mat gypsum board, 60 mil TPO fully adhered membrane over the existing standing seam, and much more.

Commercial Roofing

Crosswinds Extended Stay Hotel

It took us two weeks to complete the Crosswinds Extended Stay Hotel which was coordinated with management to not displace patrons or their vehicles. The 25,600 square foot modified bitumen roof was stripped down to it’s decking and replaced with 60 mil EPDM rubberized single ply membrane.

Commercial Shingles

Public Storage – Lakewood

This is one of many Public Storage jobs we worked on in recent years. This particular project was around 96,400 square feet of shingle replacement. We removed the shingles down to the decking, installed new synthetic felt and new Presidential shingles. We removed the existing gutter system and installed 6,000 linear feet of custom box gutters.

Standing Seem and Coating Roof

Shortline Auto

Shortline Auto was a 25,000 square foot job where we installed Gaco S20 fluid-applied membrane over standing seam metal. The original metal roof panels were leaking at the screws in several spots. The fluid applied membrane was a sturdy, cost-effective solution that caused minimal disruption to ongoing operations. This commercial project took about three weeks to complete.

New Roofing Build

ARCO/Murray New Apartment Build

ARCO/Murray hired Colorado Superior Roofing to install the roof on a large, new construction apartment complex. The roof area was over 100,000 square feet. This complex job was completed over a 6-month time frame as we roofed each building as it was completed. We installed a custom eave waterproofing assembly using metal, ice and water shield, and synthetic felt underlayment. We then installed Class 4 impact-resistant shingles. We were chosen for this job after a rigorous vetting process and were also required to complete the Arco/Murray regulated safety course.

Steep Slope Roof

Stratton Church of God

Stratton Church of God was a complete re-roofing project that also included new windows, gutters, and painting. We installed lifetime laminated architectural shingles to upgrade the look and durability of the roof. This 18,000 square foot roofing job was completed in 3 days. During this project, we removed the old shingles, applied ice and water shielding, installed new flashing to the skylights and chimney, installed new windows and a gutter system, and applied new exterior paint for a complete look.

Mechanically Fastened Roof

Central Mechanical Inc.

The old roof was an Aggregate panel pull barn system where the metal acted as both the roofing material and decking structure. Purlins were every 5’ OC and we did a TPO mechanically fastened overlay system designed to be fastened directly through the aggregate paneling into the purlins. We used EPS Foam “Flute Filler” to level out the distance between the bottom of the panels and the top of the ribs and then applied an HD coverboard at 6 fasteners per board to make a smooth surface. After that, we installed a RUSS strip directly through all the above material and directly into the steel framing purlin. This job was completed in eight days.

Coating over EPDM

UC Health

The UC Health project was completed in two months. We were hired to apply a new waterproof coating to the 75,000 square foot roof. We removed 50 tons of rock ballast, fastened EPDM roof for penetrations in the membrane, applied Gaco Roof Patch Penetration sealant 80 mils thick and Gaco Flex S42 100% Silicone Coating System 30 mils, applied nylon woven fabric on uncured S42, installed Meridian ballast drainage mat over cured coating, and achieved a Firestone 20 year Labor and Material Warranty on roof.

Fluid-applied coating

Public Storage – Denver

The Public Storage job was a coating project that took a week to complete.  On this project we used a Gaco S20 System to apply directly over a modified bitumen system with a silver coat lining on it. We power washed the substrate with Gaco Cleaner, applied a SF2000 Seam Sealer over any cracks over .75 inches in size, three coursed using Gaco Fabric, and applied the S20 at a rate of 1.5 Gal per 100 SF.

Standing Seem Metal Roofing

TBK Bank – Yuma

This TBK Bank job was in Yuma, Colorado. The existing metal roof was replaced with a new standing seam metal roof due to an insurance claim. We Installed new decking, ice and water shield, flashed 12 new skylights, and then installed a standing seam mechanically bent metal roofing system. This 8,281 square foot roofing project was completed in two weeks.

Roof Waterproofing

TBK Bank – Brighton

TBK Bank Brighton was an insurance job where we removed and replaced the 24 gauge Standing Seam Metal, installed new high temp ice and water shield along the field, replaced new gutters, and painted some of the pergola. This roof project was about 6,750 square feet and took two weeks to complete.

EPDM Flat Roof

Credit Union of Denver

The Credit Union of Denver has a square roof that is approximately 8,000 square feet. We removed the roof materials down to the decking before building back up a taper system using EPS/ISO Board (approx 6-7 inches at R-30). We then applied a .25” Denzdeck Gypsum board to keep the building within the fire code requirements. Lastly, we applied a 60 mil TPO mechanically fastened system to complete the roof. Due to a call center being located on the top floor of the building, CSR completed this project working mostly at night in about 3 weeks.

Standing Seem Metal Roof

Highlands Ranch Firestation

Highlands Ranch Fire Station #18 was a 7,600 square foot pre-baked standing seam, 26 gauge metal roof project that took us two weeks to complete. The project included removing the old mechanically attached roofing system down to its existing decking, installing high temp ice and water shield, snap lock standing seam roofing with a pre-baked finish, fabricated metal cricket systems to divert water around skylight assembly, and installing custom pre-baked 6” box gutters and downspouts.

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