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Local Roofing Repair 

The main cause of damage to a flat roof is the poor quality of installation work and the use of cheap cover materials that do not meet the current operating conditions. Lack of regular maintenance also leads to damage that may become critical if it is ignored for too long.

Depending on the type of damage and the affected roof areas, flat roof repairs are usually divided as follows:

  • Local repairs – consist in works performed to fix small defects in the roof system. EPDM roofers often eliminate exfoliated areas of the membrane, remove bumps and patch the damage, then seal everything and restore the integrity of the roof.
  • Major repairs – these involve a complete replacement of the cover, including the complete cycle of removing the existing cover, preparing of the work surface for the installation of the new cover and the actual re-roofing operations. As a general rule, a flat roof must be replaced when more than 40% of its total surface is damaged. Unlike local repairs, major ones require a substantial investment.

There are different technologies used in repairs, and, if you want them to be efficient and done right, you need to hire a licensed commercial roofer. The experts know best what they have to do and, in addition, they have all the equipment and tools necessary to offer you repairs of impeccable quality.

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