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New Roof Installation Vs. Roof Repair

Are you thinking of having your roof repaired? Maybe you’d like an inspection and estimate from a local contractor to see if you can afford to install a brand-new slate roof with all the modern bells and whistles it can provide. Regardless of your goals, once springtime comes, you have to set them into motion. To get the best possible results, you will also need to arm yourself with the right knowledge and learn at least some of the more common terms related to the roofing industry:


  • The deck or sheathing, as it is also known, is the roof’s “foundation” – the surface of oriented strand board or plywood on which the roofing shingles or roofing material is placed.
  • For roofs that aren’t protected by gutters, the so-called drip edge is extremely important. It is an L-shaped strip that has the role to protect the sheathing, the eaves and the siding from water that runs off the slope of the roof after rainfall.
  • The underlayment or felt is the asphalt-saturated material that acts as an additional protective layer to the deck.
  • The flashing is a strip of material designed to protect the edges or intersections of the roofing system from water. Damaged flashing usually leads to leaks.
  • The ridge is the top of two intersecting slopes of a sloped roofing system.


There are many other terms you can consider learning, such as the square, valley, truss or fascia. While not all of them are all that important, some can be very useful to know about when you need to talk to residential and commercial roofing contractors about the installation or repair of a roofing structure.

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