Storm Damaged Roof In Need of Roof Repair

Commercial Property Damaged By Storm?


Damage to a commercial property caused by intense storms is something that many business owners must deal with from time to time. It is important to do a proper inspection of the building after each major storm to determine if any damage needs repairing. Most of the damage is caused by strong winds. Many issues that the structure might pose after a storm may go unnoticed and inspection should be done by a professional.

The inspection should determine any visible or hidden structural damage that could pose a great risk in the future. Because the roof is the most exposed part of the building during a storm, it will take most of the punishment. When inspecting the roof, people should look for cracks and tear on the surface of the material used, as well as making sure that the gutters are still intact. Exterior details of the building such as lights, air vents, air conditioning units should also have a proper inspection after every major storm.

Windows are also very vulnerable to strong winds and debris. One has to make sure that each window is checked for any visible cracks and damage at the edges, as well as leaks on the sides. Damage could also be found on wall sidings, that could be the result of fallen branches and debris from nearby trees. To make sure that every potential hazard after a storm is taken into account, a good idea would be to hire a structural engineer and roofer at –all-tables/longmont-roofing-and-construction/, which have the resources and the expertise necessary to determine if any small damages to the structure can lead to bigger issues in the future.

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