Damaging Hail Storms


Hailstorm Preparation

So you’ve just moved to Colorado and found out about the massive hailstorms that sometimes hit the countryside here. While hail may be something new to you, it doesn’t have to be cause for concern or alarm. The following recommendations will help you deal with the situation promptly, before it even arises:


  1. Fix your roof. The roof is the area of your home most prone to hail damage. Broken or loose shingles can be hit hard, and damaged flashing can end up allowing water through to your attic. Make sure you hire a responsible roofing contractor to help deal with these problems before they end up costing you thousands of dollars worth of subsequent repairs.
  2. To get your garden ready for hail damage, there are a number of approaches you can consider. For plants and flowers close to your fence, hang a sheet of rigid plastic or plywood over them, supporting it into the fence. For individual plants in gardens that are hard to navigate, you can also use trash cans and buckets to cover them until the hail storm passes.
  3. Hail damage can also affect your barn, garage, gazebo and greenhouses. If you own any of these structures around your home, make sure they are properly protected or reinforced against hail.


These tips might help you avoid losing a lot of valuable plants and belongings due to a violent hail storm. Asking for further advice from your local contractors could also help you prevent thousands of dollars worth of damage and know how to protect your home in the future.  Have a Longmont roofing team out for a roof inspection immediately after any hail storm, to minimize future damage.

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