Commercial Roofing Maintenance Checklist Commercial Roofing Repair in Denver Colorado.

Business Roof Maintenance

Commercial roofs often withstand more stress than residential roofs, first because they store technical equipment and allow more traffic, which makes them more prone to damage. Frequent commercial Longmont roofing maintenance is a task of great importance for property managers, and applying roof coating is definitely an operation that makes sense.

Roof coatings are reflective, so they decrease the heat absorption. The temperature fluctuations between day and night or seasons will not cause serious expansions and contractions anymore, thus there will be less cracks in the roof`s membrane to repair.

Some coatings are also designed to provide superior insulation, by preventing leaks and the problems associated with water infiltrations and moisture.

There are also fireproof roof coatings, which can be very helpful if technical equipment stored on the roof goes bad and causes a fire. The roof coating will keep it at bay, at least long enough to allow building evacuation, and will protect your investment.

Roof coatings are easy to apply by spraying or rolling them on the existing roof membranes. They create seamless surfaces that also enhance the visual aspect of roofs. Just make sure you clean the roof thoroughly before applying a coating and repair potential damage.


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