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Roof Leaking?

Some leaks are easy to identify, others are more concealed, so here are some Littleton roofing tips to help you trace even the most insidious leak source on your roof:

  • Check the attic – if you have an attic, you will probably find a damp patch or a small pool on the attic floor. The roof damage that has caused the leak is likely to be right above the dampness. You should also inspect your roof from underneath, looking up at it standing on the attic floor – water usually come in through gaps, holes or cracks through which light might also come in;
  • Check the problem areas of your roof – if you don’t have an attic, you will have to look for the leak source directly on the roof. Inspect all the sensitive areas, including the roof valleys and any openings surrounded with flashing stripes;
  • Check the gutters and the downspouts – roof leaks are often caused by the improper drainage of water from the roof that is, in turn, caused by clogs or damage in the gutters or in the downspouts. Climb up to the roof edge and check every inch of the pipes to remove any clogs and to reveal any cracks, holes or loose fasteners.
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