Commercial roofs are resistant, durable structures – if built professionally, from materials that suit the climate of the area where the roof is located, your commercial roof will provide the building underneath all the protection against the elements that it needs. How long your roof will be able to provide that protection to your building depends on many factors – here are some:

  • The roofing material – not al roofing materials offer the same longevity: TPO roofs can be expected to serve you for 22-30 years; EPDM roofs live slightly longer, for around 22-35 years, while metal roofs can stay on your roof and provide your building problem-free protection for 30-45 years;
  • Maintenance – commercial roofs need to be maintained regularly. The required maintenance tasks include roof inspection to find even the smallest hairline crack, puncture, dent and sign of shrinkage, roof cleaning to remove any debris that can cause leaks and other types of damage and timely repairs to get rid of all the faults;
  • Gutter maintenance – most commercial roofs are flat structures that need help to be able to drain water properly – without that help, rainwater and melted snow accumulate on the roof surface, damaging the roof and causing it to leak. If your building has a flat roof, make sure that your gutter and the other elements of the roof’s drainage system are properly designed and maintained to direct water away from the roof as quickly as possible.  Having a commercial roofer who maintains the roofing quarterly is recommended.
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