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A rainy or snowy season can be dangerous for your commercial roof. To avoid water damage, there are certain things to be considered and applied.

It is, therefore, very important to understand how the damage is done and why roof leaks are likely to occur. There are several reasons for roof water leaks.

One of them is the puddle saturation. This means that there is too much water collected on the roof, and the drainage system cannot handle the water quantity. Pooling water can put too much pressure on a roof, creating water leaks and other unpleasant damages.

Damaged flashing is yet another example of deterioration caused by water infiltrations. Flashing is designed to protect against debris and water. Flashing can be damaged by heavy winds or rainfalls, but also expend or contract due to high variations in temperature.

The outer membrane, meant to protect the roof from the natural elements, can also get quite damaged in time. Cracks that appear in this outer membrane can easily spread in other roof layers.

Improperly sealed openings and pipes is another potential problem that your commercial roof may experience and require the services of a notable Denver commercial roofing company. Missing or damaged shingles can make way for water penetrations and other such unwanted phenomena.


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