Parker Colorado home flat roof EPDM waterproofing system

Flat roofs can be tricky to repair – the cracks, dents or punctures that look small might, in fact, indicate more severe problems that affect the deeper layers of the roof as well and certain signs indicate the presence of a serious issue right away. Here are some indicators that your roof repair might need more than just a quick fix:

  • Alligatoring – this type of damage affects mostly asphalt roofs the surface of which has lost its elasticity and have developed a texture very similar to alligator skin. The flexibility of old asphalt cannot be restored, so you might have to start preparing for roof replacement, even if you are not getting any leak yet;
  • Recurring leaks – if you fix a leak and the next one appears soon, it is a sign that your roof has lost its resistance to water and needs replacement;
  • Moisture, mold and mildew in the building – another sign that the roof does not stand up to water properly any longer. The presence of mold and mildew inside the building is harmful for health, too, so if you see the unsightly dark spots develop on your walls and on the furniture, don’t wait too long to get the roof checked and to see to the repairs.

No matter the cause of the leak, you need to have a EPDM roofer Parker offers come out right away and fix the problem.

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