Low Sloped Roof in Castle Rock Colorado

So, you consider a low slope roof as the best option for your house. This choice means that you have to gather information about the different materials available, then choose wisely. This short article aims to give some constructive suggestions.

First of all, a lower slope means that water cannot be shed as efficiently as on a gable roof. The wind is also more dangerous for a lower pitched roof, as it is easier to lift the shingles and allow water to creep in. Therefore, it is vital that the material chosen has tight seams and proper drainage. A standing seam metal roof is solid, highly resistant and its seams are almost indestructible when properly made. It can only be installed on a properly prepared roof deck.

For a cost-effective solution, you may go with asphalt roof shingles. They are the most popular option on the market and many home improvement stores have them. The main advantage over the aforementioned metal roofs is that the shingles will not overheat when exposed to the hot summer sun. The roof life can also be extended by applying a special coated roof system over the existing roof.

As a conclusion, thorough research must be conducted before deciding on the material for the low slope roof. However, the two options mentioned above are among the best.  The professional roofing contractors Longmont CO has are well informed and should be consulted if the project is too big for you to handle.


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