commercial roof leak repair

In the case of a commercial roof, regardless of the nature of the leak, it is best to call the installer of the waterproofing membrane, to check up some details such as: the waterproofed areas, vertical masonry where the insulation ends, rainwater drainage system, roof layers and the order of their installation, the age of the membrane etc. and make an objective and fair assessment of the possible causes of water infiltration.  For best results call a professional commercial roofing Denver company as they are experts in working with commercial roofing products and installation guidelines.

The flood water test is necessary if the flat roof is covered with finishes (cement, tiles), in order to detect and remedy the defects while they can still be repaired. After the test, the specialist will write a report about the condition of the roof. This is not necessary for non-circulating terraces where the membrane is the final layer and the work is visibly well done, any potential defects being detected by a simple observation.

The flood test is made on request and is recommended for bituminous waterproofing works (or other types), thus it involves testing the efficiency of the membrane against infiltrations under static water pressure. For the safety of new roofing works involving vapor barrier, thermal insulation and waterproofing membrane, it is indicated that the roof has a certain slope and each layer is connected to a drain hole.

For other types of waterproofing, such as PVC synthetic membranes, the infiltration test is done by smoke pressure, considering that lightweight and large roofs do not support additional weights.


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