roof coating epdm installation

Roof coatings are great solutions for protecting and extending the lifespan of a roof. They can be applied on any existing flat roof material (metal, BUR, single-ply membranes, spray polyurethane foam etc.) and are formulated to make the roof more reflective and protect the building against the damaging effects of the sun. Reinforced coating materials are also waterproof.

Common types of roof coating materials include asphalt, polyurethane and silicone.

Things you can expect during a roof coating installation include:

The roof must be prepared for coating, which means that it will be thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry completely. These operations will be carried by the epdm roofing Lakewood professionals you hired, according to the requirements of the coating`s manufacturer.

The next step is applying a primer (which must NOT be a substitute for cleaning!). Primers depend on the existing roof of and the type of coating.

The roof coating will be then applied using spray, brush or roller. Some coatings cannot be applied in any weather conditions; for example, water borne coating requires ambient air temperatures around 50 degrees F and no rain for the next 24 hours. On the other hand, solvent borne coatings are suitable to be applied in colder weather.


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