Waterproofing Commercial Roofing Is Important

The lifespan of commercial roofs is affected by numerous factors, the exposure to water being among the most important ones. Rain and melted snow can cause a lot of stress to roofs and roof owners alike – in fact, water is the number one culprit for major roofing issues. However, there is a lot that you can do to prevent such damage – here is why waterproofing your commercial roof is essential if you want to minimize the risk of leaks and other roofing issues:

  • Water ponding – flat roofs cannot drain as efficiently as sloped structures, water tends to stay longer and to accumulate more easily on the flat surface. Roofing materials might be able to endure a lot, but most of them can get weakened and damaged by excessive moisture present for too long. Modern waterproof roof coating products have been developed to prevent water damage from happening – when applied on the roof surface by a Denver commercial roofing technician, they form a protective layer that prevents the direct contact between the roof surface and water;
  • Leaks around the openings – the openings in most roofs are surrounded by stripes of reinforcing material called flashing. Wherever the continuity of the roof is disrupted, such as around the chimneys or the roof windows, water tends to find its way to places where it is not welcome, so it is very important to make sure that excessive moisture does not affect the flashing stripes. The best way to achieve this is to use waterproof flashing and to maintain the roof flashing regularly.
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