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Roof coatings are different; some are reflective, while others are designed to provide better insulation to the building.

Acrylic elastomeric coatings are now based on the latest technology and they are also fortified with ceramic microspheres, which make them perfect to insulate a building, but also to seal and repel sound and moisture. They provide resistance to thermal shock, UV rays, mildew and corrosion, as well as a beautiful finish.

Most of these insulating membranes do not withstand ponding water and cannot stop water leaks, like other types of roof coatings, but the kind of protection they provide cannot be overlooked. Buildings with insulated coatings installed on the roof show up to 70% reduction in energy consumption.

Insulating roof coatings may also feature roof paint, which makes them more reflective and high emissive, eliminating most thermal stress. During one day, half of the solar heat load is reflected instead of absorbed inside the building, so the indoor temperature can be reduced significantly.

Besides being very efficient, a Denver EPDM roofing coating is affordable, being considered the most inexpensive solution to re-roofing, because it increases the lifespan of the roof with a few years, as well as the beauty of the building.

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