Roofing Company Gutter Maintenance Tips

The gutters around the roof are very important, although they are very often neglected. Gutters together with downspouts form the drainage system of a roof, but besides ensuring dry walls by collecting and evacuating rain water safely, gutters also provide shade to the building, ensuring cooler walls during the summer.

In the case of a building without gutters, the water washes the walls that start to deteriorate. This deterioration occurs very quickly, and the effects are not just aesthetic. For well-insulated homes, indoor problems may be minimal for a while, but homes without thermal insulation will start experience mold and mildew, damage to finishes and even to electrical parts in the wall, as well as structural damage.

So, the big DON`T is to never ignore your gutters.

As about DOs, they include good practices to keep your gutters in good shape for a long time.

  • Regular maintenance

Gutters must be kept clean, to properly evacuate rain water, therefore homeowners should put this operation on their regular maintenance list. Gutter cleaning is easy. You must take some safety measures first, to work safely, and you need a few tools to remove leaves, twigs, dirt and other debris accumulated in them. If you want to do this less frequently, consider installing gutter guards.

  • Damage check

Cleaning your gutters is also a good time to check for potential damage (cracks, leaks etc.) and perform the necessary repairs.  For gutter inspection and maintenance look to –all-tables/.

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