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When leaks and infiltrations occur through the roof, it loses the properties for which it was mare for in the first place, and other problems arise such as:

  • damage to the ceiling and walls in the upper rooms, implicating renovation costs
  • the appearance of mold, generated by moisture, in the attic, which can affect the health of those living in the house
  • water infiltrated into the roof insulation layer, which cancels its thermal properties
  • the risk of short circuits

Therefore, you should have Littleton roofers fix roof leaks before things get worse.

To be able to see exactly the affected areas through which they occur, you will have to go to the attic during a rain, or you can wet the roof`s surface with water hose to identify the areas allowing water to sweep in.

How do you fix a leak in your roof?

After you have identified the areas where they occur, the infiltrations will have to be repaired. Hire a professional roofing company, in order to be able to enjoy the best results as well as interventions on your roof backed up by warranties.  The temptation to attempt a DIY roof repair is great for many homeowners who think they will save money if they do the job alone, but do not forget that roofing is complicated and requires advanced technical knowledge, experience and protective equipment. Most of the time, it is not worth the risk of starting the repairs yourself.

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