Superior Colorado Roof Commercial Inspection

The roof represents up to 10% of the total cost of a building, but more than 70% of litigation costs are caused by its defects! It is easy to avoid most of these disputes by properly designing, executing and maintaining the roof system.

Getting your commercial roof inspected by Colorado Superior Roofing for winter is really important and you should start with finding a licensed and insured local roofer who will provide you with the following typical services:

  • Visual inspection of the roof focused on detecting water leaks.
  • Visual inspection of the roof focused on observing its defects. This means scanning the entire roof, verifying the thermo-welds with a special tool, verifying the executed details (interior and exterior corner details, the condition of the roof membrane especially around roof penetrations, the drainage system, the sealing mastic of various profiles etc.) according to the application manuals provided by suppliers and manufacturers
  • Inspection of the roof with infrared technology – This operation must be performed in certain environmental conditions (after sunset, no wind and no rain in the last week) in order to detect the humid insulation and to mark the respective areas
  • Detecting the problems highlighted by the infrared camera, by additional visual inspection or by conducting surveys
  • Making a written report with the observed problems and remedial solutions
  • Making a roof repair plan
  • Making an estimate budget for the repair work



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