The city of Denver, CO, recently became one of the first cities in the United States to make green roofs mandatory for buildings with a large flat roof area.

As the legislators encourage the installation of green roofs and the news about global warming are getting more and more worrying, the idea of having a green, eco-friendly roof sounds extremely appealing.

For a start, a green roof can last for the entire lifetime of the building, if it is done properly. The cost of reroofing is completely avoided and the plants beautify an otherwise dull, lifeless surface.

Another great advantage is that a green roof, if it is on a flat, steady surface, can be used as a garden or terrace, a great use of space in large cities. Apart from this, an extra layer of insulation, namely the dirt and vegetation, ensures that the heat that dissipates from the building below is kept at a minimum. This results in savings on the energy bill.  Contact a commercial roofer to get options and determine what is doable.

To draw a line, a green roof is an incredibly advantageous alternative all around the world. And in Colorado, with its mild climate, encouraging legislation and the looming concern of global warming, they seem more appealing than ever.



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