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The green roof is a privileged natural space in the urban landscape, with a decorative and utilitarian role. It reduces the heating effect produced by artificial materials. In summer, green roofs help reduce energy consumption for air conditioning, while in winter, they act as thermal insulation.

In Colorado, businesses are encouraged to install green roofs. A couple of years ago, the Denver Green Roof Initiative started to require large buildings to install rooftop gardens and other environmentally friendly green-roof features. Businesses can opt for different green designs.

Green roofs have many positive ecological benefits, including that they help create pollinator and bird habitats, sequester carbon, mitigate storm water runoff – and all these in urban environments.

In terms of decorative aspects, green roofs can also work as relaxing space for people. These areas can be designed to be a delight for the senses.

The technology of designing a green roof can be adapted according to the building and the owner`s preferences, taking into account the particularities of the project, the climatic conditions of the region, the technical possibilities of irrigation, the structure of resistance etc. Green roofs require care, watering, fertilization and periodic attention, but they worth all the effort, considering that the benefits are substantial.

The architectural trends in Colorado and Littleton roofing projects tend to include more and more green roofs in the development plans of building, as compensatory measures for the urban environment nuisances.

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