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It’s time for the annual fall ritual of spending hours on a ladder cleaning out your gutters and downspouts. And for many of us who are unaccustomed to working on a ladder, this can be an arduous task. 

Did you know that in the U.S., there are more than 300 ladder-related deaths and over 130,000 emergency room visits related to ladders each year? A fall from a ladder can result in severe injuries and may even be life-threatening.

Colorado Superior Roofing makes life easier for you by offering professional gutter cleaning. We are gutter and roofing experts who have the tools to do the job safely and quickly. We’re also very comfortable working on ladders. So, protect yourself while protecting your home.


Our Complete Clean Gutter Package Includes:

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are blown out, and all loose debris, sticks, and leaves are removed. Next, gutters are flushed out with water* and all remaining sludge is removed.  Lastly, any dried sediment is scraped and removed.

Clearing & Repair

Downspouts are flushed out with water*, and any clogs are removed, so they run clear. Gutters are inspected for small leaks and cracks, and when identified, we will repair them with silicone.

Additional Services

We will also lightly prune any overhanging tree branches that come in contact with the roof or gutters.  And for an additional minimal fee, we can hang your holiday lights.**

*CSR will furnish hoses used for flushing; however, homeowners will provide water by allowing us to connect to exterior faucets.  **Lights to be furnished by the homeowner. CSR does not sell or provide holiday lights.

Don’t forget to include our Holiday Light service. We will hang your holiday light for an additional minimal fee. Make this a ladder FREE fall season.



Why Clean Your Gutters

Why Clean Your Gutters

Gutters have an important job; they keep water away from your house.  Water leaking from or overflowing your gutters can cause damage to soffits, siding, windows, doors, and your foundation. Your home’s gutters protect your landscape, prevent basement flooding, stop mold and mildew growth, prevent water stains and paint damage.  Clogged gutters can lead to a host of problems.  

With Colorado Superior Roofing on the job, you and your gutters will experience:

  • Quicker removal of rainwater
  • Improved longevity of gutters and downspouts
  • Quick removal of animal nests and insects in gutters
  • Earlier detection of signs of roof damage or gutter damage
  • Reduced ice build-up and ice dams in gutters
  • Save yourself time, effort, and potential injury!


“Awesome is the word to describe my experience using CSR.. Their employees are a big part of my rating them so highly... Dominic was friendly, on time, and professional. It’s the little things like having a positive attitude and manner that make him stand out. Most importantly, returning my phone calls and arriving on time.”

— Holly C. – Google Review

"Very professional. Good communication, called to explain time schedule and called prior to arriving the day of scheduled work. Explained everything they would be doing."

— Richard L – Google Review

"I do not respond to review request however, quality customer service rare in todays world so I am compelled to actually fill one out... I have to applaud their professionalism and work ethic."

— Mark S. Google Review


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