Hailstorm roofing contractors repair

Hail storms can certainly be very destructive and require expert repair from roofing contractors Longmont CO has locally, but the degree of damage to your roof may vary greatly, depending on a multitude of factors. For instance, the wind direction, speed and intensity can vary a lot during a hailstorm.

The size and amount of hailstones can also determine how destructive they can be for your roof. They can have the size of peas, or that of softballs. Because most of the hailstones lack any smooth edge, their impact can be more powerful.

Moreover, different roofing materials can react differently to hailstones. They can crack wood or vinyl, but only cause dings in aluminum sidings, asphalt shingles or gutters. There can be some natural barriers helping you out, such as a tree covers, landscaping, fences, etc.

At any rate, it is very important to know how to recognize roof damages which are caused by hail storms, and not mistake them for something else. Usually, some of the most obvious signs are those types of hail hits which resemble the bruise of an apple. Moreover, the asphalt which was initially mat now appears shiny. But shingles may also get deteriorated due to the normal tear and wear. We could refer here to flaking, algae, granule loss, cracking or blistering.

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