Energy Efficient Roofs Save You Money

Energy efficient roofing is becoming the trend nowadays – here are a few ways that your home can benefit from these modern roofing solutions:

  • Energy saving – this is perhaps the most obvious advantage. Energy-efficient roofs do not absorb the heat of the sun as much as conventional roofs, so your home will need less cooling to provide comfortable temperatures;
  • Additional power-saving features – energy-efficient roofs are usually installed with efficient insulation and use modern ventilation solutions that cool them even further, reducing your home’s energy needs even further by keeping the heat inside in winter and forming a barrier in front of the exterior heat in summer;
  • Longer life – energy-efficient roofs are better at retaining moisture, even when they are installed on buildings located in urban heat islands. These modern roofs use that moisture to stay cooler and decreased surface temperature will prolong the roof’s life;
  • Special looks – most energy efficient roofs are light colored and those special, pastel hues confer a special appearance to any building.

The highest level of energy efficiency can be achieved with a new roof, but there are many ways to improve the energy performance of older roofs as well – ask a local Lakewood roofers about your options, many of them are easy to use and affordable methods.

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