Colorado Insulation Roofing

Insulation aims at reducing the air exchange between the interior and the exterior, namely through the walls, attic or roof. A well-insulated home means that less air can escape from the walls during winter and less cool air can escape during the hot season. Improving the insulation can lower the heating costs with up to 20%, so having Colorado Superior Roofing insulate your home certainly is the best idea for saving up some money.

There is an outer shell, also called envelope, which prevents the equalization of outside and inside temperatures. In order to understand how insulation works, it is therefore important to understand heat flow, and how it circulates throughout a house, and get outside. Insulation implies three basic phenomena, namely conduction, convection and radiation. Most insulation materials work by slowing down the conductive heat flow. In order to be efficient, the reflective surface must find an air space.

Thermal resistance or R-value is how the material’s resistance to conductive heat flow is measured. Insulation effectiveness highly depends on the R-value. The R-value you want your insulation to achieve is strongly related to the types of insulation and the insulation materials available on the market.

These are, in brief, some of the ways in which insulation can help your home.

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