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The pitch of the roof is a feature of the building component that determines functionality as well as the appearance of the entire building. If you have noticed that there are almost as many roof pitches as there are roofs and you are wondering what pitch would suit your building best, here is how different roof pitches serve different buildings:

  • Flat roofs – these roofs slope in a very mild, unnoticeable angle and are mostly used on commercial buildings and on residential buildings that feature a contemporary style. Flat roofs are prone to water ponding and snow takes longer to melt on their surface, too, therefore they work best in climate areas that don’t get too much precipitation or they need to be fitted with special drainage systems to ensure that water damage is out of the way;
  • Gable roofs – these types consist of two large, sloping panels that form a triangle and are the most common on classic residential buildings. Water can run down on the slopes, therefore these roofs are suitable for any climate area;
  • Shed roofs – these sleek roofs consist of a single, sloping panel, they are used on modern residential buildings and they can be low-sloping or high-pitched.  The Littleton roofing experts are skilled with every type of roofing system, and can be extremely beneficial when it comes to replacing or repairing a roof, just ask them.
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