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Energy efficiency refers to the ways in which we can reduce energy consumption without diminishing our indoor comfort, at home and at work. The biggest savings on electricity and gas bills can be made by adding thermal insulation.

Through the roof only, a house looses up to 30% of heat. However, insulation is not the only factor that can modify the amount of heath absorbed into the house in the winter or reflected of, in the summer.

The color of the roof

Dark colors absorb heat – light colors reflect it. A dark roof directly exposed to sunlight is 10-15°F hotter than a light roof.

The materials a roof is made of

Roofing materials have various heat absorption rates. For example, a metal roof reflects most of light rays, while and asphalt roof reflects only about 30%, unless it is coated with a reflective membrane. If you prefer a certain roofing material and you plan to install it on your roof, make sure you check its energy efficiency first and determine whether it is suitable for your location.  For quality install contact the EPDM roofer in Parker.

Roofing technology

Roofing technology also has an influence on energy rates. Some roofs are designed as “cool roofs”, which means they are more efficient in reflecting than absorbing heat.

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