Trees are very common in urban and rural areas and, although there are no strict regulations about how far they should be from the roof of a building, we must be aware that they may cause damage to residential and commercial roofs and sometimes owners must take some precaution measures.

Nobody says that we have to cut all the trees around buildings, as this would be a crime, not to mention that entire areas would lack charm and appeal. All we say is that trees must be well planted and cared for. Here are important aspects to look for, if you have trees in your yard.

Check the trees on your property for any rotting or dying parts. Old trees may become too weak to resist severe storms and they may fall and destroy your roof and other parts of your house.  Such a tree, or at least its weak parts, must be safely taken down by a tree cutter.

Healthy trees can grow close to your home, as long as you do periodic maintenance by Littleton roofers to keep your roof in good shape. You must trim the branches that grow over the house and remove twigs and leaves that fall on the roof. If you neglect doing this regularly, they will trap moisture that will eventually affect shingles and the wooden support beams. Debris also stuck in the gutters and when the drainage system of the roof gets clogged, water will infiltrate in the walls, in the building`s foundation and will affect your landscape.


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