metal roofing commercial building system watertight

Metal roofing is very efficient for any type of roof structures, including flat. One of the best things about a metal roof is that it can be installed on top on an existing roof, without removing the old materials. This is because metal roofs are lightweight, so they do not add too much weight on the structure – which will remain solid.

To add a metal roof on an existing flat roof, specialists will first create a frame-up retrofit system. This means that they will install new frame on top of the old flat roof and attach it to the structure below. This step is necessary to increase a bit the slope of the roof, otherwise metal roofing is not efficient.

In order to keep this metal roofing Denver system watertight, a standing seam metal roof is the best cover option. It features a seamless, interlocking corrugated metal panel system, custom cut to fit your roof. There are no exposed fasteners, so the protection against water infiltrations is guaranteed.

Metal roofing works just great on flat roofs, improving their efficiency in protecting the building. A metal roof is reflective, very durable in any climate and does not require too much maintenance. Overall, it is a great investment for a commercial roof, just as it is for a residential roof.



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