How Often Are Commercial Roof Repairs Needed

An average roof can last between 15-50 years before they need to be replaced, but this lifespan can be prolonged if the minor issues that come up in the meantime are fixed in a timely manner. Here are some of the most common issues that you can encounter with your commercial roof and the fixing of which can postpone roof replacement:

  • Weakened fasteners and seams that result in roof component loss – this is an issue especially in geographic regions prone to high winds and strong gusts. The repair of these issues should start with a detailed inspection of the roof to identify problem points, followed by reinstalling the missing or damaged fasteners and components;
  • Hail damage – most commercial buildings use metal roofs, which are very strong and durable, but can be damaged by large hail stone. When the storm is gone, get the roof checked for cracks and dents and discuss the best way to proceed with the Denver commercial roofing expert;
  • Leaks – this type of structural damage needs to be identified straight away when it is noticed and needs to be addressed in an equally timely manner.

You should get your commercial roof inspected for damage every year, followed by the repairs deemed necessary by your expert. Besides these yearly maintenance and repair operations, you need roof repair whenever you suspect that the roof has sustained damage or whenever you notice a leak.

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