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Being a homeowner sometimes means having lots of responsibilities, and yours and your family’s safety is one of them. In time, some parts of your house can deteriorate and it is a normal process, even though the restoration process may not be so enthusiastic.

One of the most exposed areas of your house is the roof, facing all that bad weather or environmental conditions. If you are asking how often do homeowners need roof repairs, the answer is that it depends on a range of factual elements, such as the age of the roof or the climate that you are living in. But according to the National Roofing Contractors Association, it is recommended that you have your roof inspected at least once a year by Lakewood EPDM roofer and after that decide if your roof needs just some minor repairs or a complete replacement.

In order to see if your roof needs some repairs, you should check for the holes, missing shingles, water leaking and mold, roof deck sags. If you are not a good handyman, there is no problem, you can pay one for small repairs. But if your roof needs an entire replacement, you should get the opinion from a licensed roofer.

Other key indicators are the age off your roof and the roofing materials. For example, slate or metal roofing can last even more than 50 years without needing major repair, but, on the other hand, a shingle roof durability is less than 20 years.

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