Hail Damage Have Roofer InspectHail (or hailstone) is a type of precipitation that usually appear in thunderstorms when the air currents have below-freezing temperatures. It can be small or big sized, but either of its dimensions can cause roof damage.

The main disadvantage of these hail damage is that they are hard to spot from the ground. Because of that, many homeowners don’t really take them into account. Here is what you should check or have a licensed Parker roofer inspect if your roof has hail damage:

  1. Usually, the most affected area is the top of the because it is the most exposed to the storm. Hailstones could easily create some dents into the ridge cap of the roof or into the shingles.


  1. Gutters may seem safe from hail action but in fact, they are not so safe. If your roof`s gutters are made of soft metal like aluminum, high-speed falling hailstone could create some dents into it. You should also look for dents the roof vents and flashing if they are made of soft metal.


  1. Besides these dents, hail can also cause bruising or cracking to some other roof areas. Usually, in the middle of a hail storm, shingles are pruned to cracking. It may take a while but you should check the whole shingle, even on the edges. If the shingle is made of asphalt, a violent hail storm could leave behind it some missing pieces of the asphalt.


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