To deal with the dilemma of choosing the roof color that represents the best match for your home exterior, you must set up all the chromatic details right from the preliminary phase of the construction or remodeling project. This way you will not risk making terrible mistakes. In principle, when designing a construction or remodeling project, the architect also provides several chromatic options to match harmoniously the main exterior elements and can work with the Parker roofer to ensure it’s right.

If we talk about changing the color of an existing facade, the choice must be made in relation to the color of the roof, then to the carpentry and the environment. As you may have already noticed, the buildings in mountain areas have earthy colors (mostly brown and green tones), and those on the seaside are often colored white, blue and other light colors inspired by the area where they are built.

Generally, the roof colors are divided into warm and cold. A roof in a warm color (brown, red, orange) will match a facade painted also in a warm color, while a roof in a cold shade (black, gray, blue or green) will match a façade painted in a cool color. You can also use the contrast technique, but be very careful and consider some guidance from a specialist, otherwise you risk making mistakes that will ruin the aspect of your house.



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