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The EPDM membrane is made of a synthetic rubber that is resistant to weather and UV rays. Due to its extreme elasticity of over 500% elongation, it is the most flexible single-ply membrane, being recommended for waterproofing flat roofs on residential buildings, commercial buildings, logistics warehouses, office buildings and industrial buildings.

Specialists tested EPDM membranes in long-term studies. As a result, they have been accredited them with a lifespan of over 50 years, due to their qualities including an extremely high permanent chemical resistance to bird feces and numerous chemical emissions, as well as to severe weather conditions.

Moreover, EPDM membranes are made of solid ecological materials and components. They do not contain hazardous additives, such as heavy metals, halogens or volatile solvents, which provides ecological safety and a guaranteed durable solution for waterproofing flat roofs. These membranes allow the collection and use of rainwater and can be recycled and reused to produce pavers and asphalt.

EPDM membranes are also excellent for use in other eco-friendly roofing projects, such as the installation of green roofs (e.g. the transformation of a flat roof into a rooftop garden) or solar panels, their resistance and strength in supporting such projects being proven.  As with any roofing project have a professional EPDM roofer Parker area do the installation for enduring results.

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