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The main reason for damage on a flat roof is the poor quality of installation work and the use of cheap materials that do not correspond to the operating conditions. Lack of regular maintenance may result in minor damage, but also in critical damage that requires immediate repair. To maintain your roof in good condition, it is recommended to perform regular routine inspections for your Longmont roofing surface. When problems are found, a decision must be made on how to carry out repairs to prevent further damage.

Water leaks are a clear sign that the roof has problems.

Flat roofs generally behave well, due to new waterproofing technologies that are very effective against water and condensation, but they must also be inspected occasionally to detect cracks and other signs of damage or wear & tear.

Most flat roofs are waterproofed with asphalt, rubber, PVC or other synthetic material. Rubber and synthetic membranes are quite simple to patch, with the help of adhesive patches, while the asphalt can be resealed with bitumen.

Unless your roof is in a very bad shape, repairs prevent further damage and ensure a longer life for the roof. Even if, in some cases, repairs are not necessarily difficult to manage, they should always be done by roofing specialists, to prevent accidental damage.

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