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Most homeowners choose to stay protected against roof storm damage, with an insurance policy. However, there are situations when the insurer will refuse to pay out for a claim and it is important to understand why this is happening.

If the problems with your roof have been caused exclusively by a storm with rain, wind or hail, you will be covered. Also, if the house is uninhabitable because of the damage, the insurer typically pays for a type of temporary accommodation, during the repairing process. The problem begins when your insurer evaluates the damage and the inspection reveals that the roof was not properly maintained, to a required standard that ensures its performance. This is the moment when many people learn that an insurance policy does not cover roof damage that results from wear and tear due to improper maintenance or very old age.

It is common knowledge that all roof types and materials require regular maintenance – some more than others. You must ensure that the roof cover is always in top shape and the drainage system (gutters and downspouts) are free o debris and fully functional, otherwise your insurer is entitled to conclude that the roof damage has been also caused by neglect.  Work with roofing contractors like –all-tables/ that will work easily with your insurance company.

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