Different Sloped Roofing Including Low Slope Roofing

According to the definition and the specifications provided by the manufacturers of roofing materials, a low-sloping roof is one that has sides sloping at 1/2-1/4 inch per foot. These special roofing structures offer great benefits, but they drain water more slowly than steeper roofs, therefore they require special roofing materials – here are a few of the most common material options:

  • Asphalt roll roofing – made from felt or fiberglass saturated in asphalt, roll roofs are lightweight, easy to install and can be expected to live for around 10 years;
  • Built-up roofs – the most popular solution for low-slope roofs today, these roofs are made from several layers and are further reinforced during installation for even more strength. The solution is affordable and the roofing is usually warranted for 15-20 years;
  • Modified, torch-applied bitumen – these roofs use heat-fused seams for enhanced durability and they are very easy to install. They are easy to inspect and to fix and they can stay on your roof for over two decades;
  • EPDM roofs – these lightweight roof systems are resistant to strong UV radiation as well as to extreme heat and cold and they are also easy to inspect and to fix. The expected lifespan of EPDM roofs is 20+ years.  The Denver commercial roofing industry utilizes these roofing products for most of their roofing projects.
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