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Roofing installation, even if it is for a small shed or for a vacation bungalow, is a complex process, that’s why professionals like Colorado Superior Roofing are usually hesitant to encourage building owners to handle the roof installation by themselves. However, knowledge about the methods used for installing new roofs is very useful if you are currently planning to get your old roof replaced or if your new construction is quickly approaching the final phase when the roof is put up. Here are some of the most common new roofing installation methods:

  • Asphalt roofs – the most common roofing material is not only affordable, but also easy to install. If the underlying structure made from wooden beams, planks and boards is up, the shingles are spread out in panels at distances according to the manufacturer’s specifications, then they are fastened with roofing nails and fixed with sealant;
  • Metal roofing – another material preferred for its affordability, metal roofing usually requires professional installation. The metal panels or shingles are fastened onto the roof structure or on top of the old roof with special fasteners, paying special attention to the spacing between the panels to allow the metal to contract and to expand with temperature changes;
  • Tile roofs – the tiles are fixed one by one, either with roofing nails or other fasteners or simply placed one on top the other, properly displaced.
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