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CSR&E has been providing high quality residential and commercial painting services for over two decades. Our experienced and professional painting team will work quickly and efficiently to protect your home, while also improving its curb appeal and value in the process.

The color of your home is probably the first thing people notice when they see it.  It’s what gives your home a sense of personality and style.  So, a do it yourself paint job, or one provided by an unprofessional crew, immediately stands out.   Likewise, a job performed by experts, using premium paint and first-class technique, is also easy to recognize.  

What CSR&E Can Do For You

Our team of professional painters will be with you through the entire home painting process, from initial planning through final clean-up, to make sure you are 100% satisfied.    That’s why we have hundreds of 5 star customer reviews, but our most important project is always the one we are working on today.   We truly appreciate your business and will treat you like family.   

Great attention to detail is what’s necessary to deliver a high-quality exterior paint job.  That’s because the little things go a long way, and taking the time to properly prep the area, evenly apply the paint, and perform a spotless clean-up makes a big difference.

We pay careful attention to every detail of your home’s exterior.  That includes checking the age of the wood, position of the home, influence of the landscape, and much more.  Because at CSR&E, we want to ensure your paint maintains its health and visual appeal for years.

You can rest assured that we use only the highest quality paint on the market. That is how we ensure that you are getting the best return on your painting investment. CSR&E offers house and commercial exterior painting throughout northern Colorado, including Denver, Aurora, Parker, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, Longmont, Golden and many more areas.

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Understanding the Exterior Home Painting Process

These are the eight common steps involved in most home repainting projects we do.    

Complete house painting typically takes 5-7 days (weather permitting) to complete once the crew arrives onsite. 

1. Pre-Planning Meeting

A project manager will walk with you around the exterior of your house to inspect the project area while discussing the details of your project.  This will include going over the project scope, the painting process, and the color combinations you’ve chosen. 

The project manager will also inform you of anything you need to do to prepare before the house painting begins, like moving outdoor furniture or decorative items away from the walls and/or trimming back any shrubbery close to walls.

Your pre-painting meeting should give you all the information you need for your project to begin.  So, this is a great time for you to ask any questions and clarify any confusion. 

Your project manager will be available to help you through the whole project.  Because painting your house is not something most people do very often, it’s normal to have questions.  So, we are happy to answer any questions at any time and will work with you regarding scheduling to make sure the disruption to you and your family is as minimal as it can be.

2. Arrival of Painting Crew

We will reach out to you the day before your project begins to confirm the arrival time of the paint crew the following day.   At this time, we will also answer any last-minute questions you may have. 

The next day the crew will arrive at the scheduled time and begin the necessary prep work.  Prep work is the single most important (and most often overlooked) aspect of any exterior painting job. We pay particular attention to scraping and caulking before any paint is applied.

3. Repairing Damage or Problem Areas

This step is applicable if you have any damage to your siding, like rotting or cracking. Also, if the current paint is in poor condition, like cracking or peeling, it will have to be scraped off and sanded before painting.  These things must be taken care of up-front so the painting can be done as cleanly and efficiently as possible.

Because we are exterior experts, we are able to repair or replace any siding or trim that is damaged prior to beginning the painting of your home.  This way, you don’t have to deal with multiple contractors in order to receive the best quality job.   

Any repairs or replacements necessary will have already been discussed during your first consultation with your project manager.

4. Exterior Power Washing

All areas to be painted must first be power washed to clean the surface.  High-pressure power washing gets any buildup of dirt, pollen, and grime so that the surface will be clean and smooth before applying paint.  This is an important step and will ensure the best possible paint coverage for your home. 

5. Caulking all Seams

Before applying the paint, all seams and joints must be properly caulked and sealed. A seam refers to where two boards, whether two siding boards or a siding to trim board, come together. 

There is typically a small gap where two boards come together.  If this seam is not caulked properly, it will allow water to infiltrate into the siding and frame of your home.

We will also fill all nail holes visible on the siding and trim smooth the area via spackle and sanding. This provides a seamless and smooth application of the paint and gives the best possible result. 

We use caulk with a 25-30 year lifespan- even in Colorado’s extreme weather.  Caulk with a shorter lifespan is not premium quality and will not properly protect your home.  

6. Protective Coverings

After the cleaning, caulking, taping and other prep work for the project has been completed, tarps and coverings are placed to protect any areas adjacent to the project that you do not want to be painted.

Tarps will be placed alongside your home and will cover shrubbery nearby.  Likewse, any windows, door openings, and fixtures will be wrapped or taped with protective coverings as well. 

All of these areas must be covered because we often use a sprayer to apply the paint.  Although the sprayer ensures the most even paint coating, it comes with the risk of overspray and without careful placement of protective coverings, the paint would more than likely get in places you do not want it to be.

7. Applying the Paint

We typically use Sherwin-Williams Duration Paint which is a high-quality paint and primer in one.   This line of exterior paint is some of the most recommended and is incredibly long-lasting and durable. 

It will be applied using a sprayer on the majority of your home and brushes and rollers used on trim, soffit, fascia, and close edges.  The reason we use a sprayer is because it provides the most even coverage. If the entire house was painted using a roller, it might turn out uneven because when a roller is moving back and forth, it disperses paint on the way up and picks it back up on the way back. 

The paint will be applied to the proper level of thickness.  Typically, with the duration paint, one coat of paint is needed to complete a house painting project.  However, in some rare cases, multiple coats, or a separate primer coat, may be needed depending on the material being painted and the condition of that material.  But, if this is the case with your home, it will be discussed with you prior to starting the project.  

8. Clean-up, Final Walk Through, & Warranty

Once the paint is applied, all protective materials such as tarps, tape, etc. will be removed, equipment will be cleaned up, and your painting project is complete. 

Now that your project is complete, a project manager will walk you through all the paint information and paperwork regarding your project, including the warranty. 

Sherwin Williams offers a lifetime warranty on the duration paint for your life in your home.  This warranty is non-transferrable.  It covers cracking, peeling, or blistering in the paint, but not fading, since that is rather subjective.  Also, CSR&E also offers a one-year workmanship warranty in case you discover any issues with the job after we have left.  

If you have any questions or concerns following your repaint, you can always reach out to your project manager at any time.  Even in Colorado’s extreme weather, brand new, high-quality paint should last 10-12 years before you notice any fading or possible cracking and peeling.

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