Commercial Roofing Maintenance Checklist

Commercial roofs are a world apart, but there are many features that they share with all other roofs, such as the need for maintenance. The best way to proceed if you want to have a safe and solid roof over your commercial facility for as long as the roof stays on the building is to maintain it regularly – here are some of the most important tasks:

  • Regular inspections – you need to have your commercial roof and the gutters adjacent to it inspected by professional Littleton roofers at least twice a year, once in spring and once in fall, and it is a good idea to have it checked after each extreme event or after each period of heavy rain or snow;
  • Regular cleaning – roofing inspections are ideally followed by roof cleaning to remove any debris that could trap water and hurt your roof. You should get your gutters de-clogged and cleaned as well, to make sure that the pipes work properly;
  • Address any issues detected during the inspection – small cracks, small rust spots and minor sagging are easier to remedy than extended and aggravated issues, so make sure that whatever problem is detected during the inspection is addressed in a timely manner.
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