Commercial Roofing Contractors Repair Flat Roof Winter

People often take for granted the protection they get due to their roof, in the cold season. The roof we have above our heads gets the worse from winter, while we enjoy the indoor comfort. However, no roof is infallible and bearing the brunt of the elements takes its toll after a while.

Protecting your roof from winter damage is essential. In the case of a flat roof, the cold season brings with it specific challenges: snow accumulation with potential devastating effects  on roofing materials and the entire structure of the building, ice dam formation, condensation and mold caused by improper ventilation etc.

Protecting your flat roof means scheduling regular maintenance and making sure the roof is in excellent shape. It is not enough for a commercial roof to look intact; it must be inspected by a specialist because, even if they are not visible, micro-cracks may appear because of the freeze-thaw cycles and transform into water infiltration points.

One of the best methods to protect a flat roof from winter damage is the installation of a coating system by Denver commercial roofing contractors with experience. This is much more affordable than replacing the roof and also provides great results, shielding the entire roof from moisture penetration.

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