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Many people still do not know that residential roofers can help them with more than roof repairs, replacement and maintenance.

Residential roofing experts offer free estimates

These estimates are comprehensive, accurate and include all the details of the roof project, based on a preliminary Longmont roofing inspection. Everything stipulated in a roof estimate must also appear in the contract, if you decide to sign it.

Residential roofing experts can help you with making an insurance claim

When your roof gets damaged, you should call a professional roofer before contacting your insurer, because you need an expert to evaluate the damage and offer you a report that you can use in your claim. Besides, many roofers agree to assist you in the process, meeting with your adjuster, checking your paperwork etc. The insurance claim can be complicated especially for those who have never been through this, so it is very important to have a professional by your side.

Residential roofing experts can help you with other fixes

Some of them are also specialized in installing and repairing solar panels, windows, siding etc., so it doesn`t hurt to ask a roofer what else can it do for you besides common roofing work. It is better to make one call and have a single professional working on several different projects, because this is time and money saving.


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