Top Trends Roofing Weather Proof Parker HomesRoof coatings are becoming increasingly important and popular as an increasing number of building owners and managers understand the important of preventive roof protection. Here are some of the products that will dominate coating trends in 2021:

  • Acrylic coatings – initially, these products were used for providing UV protection for sprayed-on urethane roofs. Today, acrylic coatings are used on many different roof surfaces, including metal and single-ply membrane. The products are popular because they are able to reduce roof temperature and they provide protection not only from radiation, but from hail as well;
  • Silicone coatings – these elastic coatings provide excellent adhesion and they are often used for improving the roof’s weather resistance, especially the resistance against ponding water, UV radiation, extremely high temperatures and oxidation;
  • Polyurethane coatings – used mostly on membrane roofs, these coatings improve the roof’s resistance to impact. These coatings usually consist of two layers, an aromatic layer for the base and an aliphatic layer as top coat;
  • Asphaltic rubber – through its elastic and weather proofing metal roofing capacities, this fluid-applied coating type can significantly prolong roof life. The solution is also preferred for easy application – asphaltic rubber coatings are quick and easy to apply and the process does not require any special knowledge or tools.


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