Maintenance HOA Roofing Guidelines

There is a common dilemma among property managers and members of homeowner associations: if the roof of a condominium or a townhome gets damaged, who has the obligation to repair it and pay for it?

Roof repairs are not cheap, therefore many people prefer to misinterpret the legal provisions, even if the answer is quite simple and straightforward. As a homeowner, you are obligated to maintain your own home but also to contribute to maintaining the elements that are parts of the common area. The roof is a part of the common area, therefore the costs of the repairs must be shared between all the residents of the building. Pretending that only those from the last floor should repair the roof is not fair and has no legal base, because the roof protects the entire building, not just the people from the last floor.

Your HOA can provide you documents that state the maintenance responsibilities.

HOAs are not the owners of the common areas, but they are responsible for their Longmont roofing maintenance. If the roof gets damaged, the association reviews legal documents, find repair specialists and inform the residents about their required contribution. If there are people who refuse to comply with the legal documents, the association can pursue legal action.

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