HOA Roofing Requirements

Property managers as well as board members from homeowner associations often share a dilemma: who has the obligation to repair the roof? Nobody really wants to do it, so a roof repair or replacement is often subject of interpretation and effervescent analysis.

While homeowners are obligated to maintain their own units (homes), HOAs exist to maintain all the components that are parts of the common area which serves everyone.  An experienced Longmont roofing company will work with the HOA to alleviate you from having to do it.

To clear things up, there is the Declaration of Covenants that represents the first official document to consult when you attempt to determine the maintenance responsibilities. The Declaration contains legal provisions that define the common area, outlining the responsibilities of the owners and those of the association.

For single-family home subdivisions, things are not complicated at all. People own their lots and are responsible for their maintenance. However, things become complicated when it comes to condominiums or townhomes. In this case, the common area is owned by all owners as tenants-in-common, which involves shared responsibilities. The roof is a part of the common area, considering that it protects the entire building, not just the residents on the last floor.

Even if the association is not the owner of the common area, it is responsible to for the maintenance and insurance. In the case of a roof problem, the association’s Board of Directors must review the legal documents, determine what must be done and inform the owners about their required contribution. Pursuing legal action is an option if people do not comply with the governing documents.


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