Superior Roofing Replacement

It goes without saying that nearly everyone prefers repairing the roof of a building or a house, instead of replacing it altogether.

The question of repairing vs. replacing a roof is often quite tricky. Sometimes all you need to do is replace a few shingles, and other times, you may need a lot more to keep your roofing system in a well-functioning state.

Shingles are exposed to several conditions such as snow, hail or heat. Regardless of the size of the roof that needs replacement, it may be difficult to match the replaced shingles to the rest of your roof. However, in case your shingles seem to need replacement, the best thing is not to hesitate. Otherwise this may lead to other problems later on, such as rotting or leakage.

In case you want to simplify things, you may feel tempted to solve things easier and install a new roof over the old one. But this may prove to be quite inefficient, since it does not solve the actual problem, the one underneath the new layer, it merely offers a temporary solution.

At the same time, placing shingles on top of older ones can cause you to lose your shingles’ warranty, have a licensed roofer such as do the installation no matter if it is one shingle or a whole roof replacement.

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