Roof Safety TipsThe greatest danger related to working on roofs is highlighted by statistics: over 40% of work accidents are caused by falling from a height!

This occurrence happens because workers tend to get too relaxed about their job and neglect proper safety measures.  After a while, some begin to believe like “this cannot happen to me”; unfortunately, from this moment on, anything can happen.

How can you avoid accidents while working on the roof?

First of all, you need to take precautionary measures. It is difficult to exemplify them here, because each roof is unique and has its own peculiarities related to the nature of the surface, the slope and the level of degradation – to provide just a few examples. Weather conditions also play an important role (for example, air currents can cause temporary local frost, resulting in a very slippery surface to work on).

That’s why workers must receive clear instructions, according to the particularities of each roofing project.


If you do not have adequate safety equipment, stop the work! Deal with this issue and only then resume work safely. Mind you: take the same safety measures regardless the size of the project and the length of the execution.  Hiring a company like Colorado Superior Roofing that has all the safety practices in place is recommended.

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