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If you are considering the possibility of becoming a roofer but are not sure if it is the right job for you, in this article we will break down the basics that make a great roofer.


Working as a roofing professional is a physically and mentally demanding task. Roofers usually work in hot weather, carrying large and heavy material and tools and climbing onto roofs. Performing those tasks safely and efficiently requires an important amount of physical strength, good health, as well as feeling comfortable with heights and high temperature.


  • What does a roofer do?


A roofer’s job involves installing roofs on homes, as well as repairing and replacing them when necessary. There’s a lot of kneeling and bending involved in the process, as well as many working hours during extremely hot weather.


  • How does one become a roofer?


There are no specific educational requirements to start working as a roofer, the usual practice is learning along while working with an experienced mentor. Many new roofers also come from jobs in construction or carpentry, being a great fit for those who enjoy working outside.


  • What are the requirements to become an apprentice?


  1. The candidate must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Having a high school diploma or an equivalent certificate/degree.
  3. Being physically capable of performing the job.

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